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Micro Zombies at the Door
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English edition 2014
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Square 2-player (e.g. Lost Cities)
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User Summary: Micro Zombies at the door!

STORY: Back at home from a recent mission you hunker down for the night; happy for the R & R but concerned that your wife is still not home yet! Grrrrrrr. Grrrrrrrrrr… Around 3:00 AM you wake to what sounds like an animal growl but much more guttural. As you look out the window you notice your next door neighbor Frank shuffling outside your bedroom window. On closer inspection you can see that Frank is pretty torn up on his back and it looks as if his arm is pretty mangled; like he had been hit by a car or something. Concerned, you lightly tap on the window to get Franks attention and that’s when you notice something is really wrong! Frank slowly turns toward the sound and you finally get a clear look at his face… holding back the shock, you notice half of Franks face is gone… literally ripped from the skull! You quickly duck back in the room before Frank sees you but you can still see Frank’s shredded face and lifeless eyes searching for the source of the sound that got his attention. Instantly your brain starts to spin… where is your wife and how the hell do you get to her! Your challenge begins!

A Micro variation for Zombies at the Door!

GAME TYPE: Micro table-top/board game

  1. of PLAYERS: 1 Player – Solitaire format

LEVELS of DIFFICULTY: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
VICTORY CONDITIONS: Rescue your wife and bring her back home safely! Rescue other individuals, use their skills to help you survive and increase your final score!
COMPONENTS: Lots of D6 Dice, 8mm colored wood cubes, 5”x5” square scenery tiles, 8.5x11 large scale single and two story house plans, Large playing mat, and game cards used from Zombies at the door!
THEME: Zombie Apocalypse

Micro Zombies at the door is a Single Player, micro table-top board game that represents a large scale zombie apocalypse using Cards, wood cubes, dice, and Square Scenery tiles to help create the game board.
You, “the player”, can start as a business man, Handy man, or a Military man! The level of your player will determine the type of skills, equipment, strength, and health your player starts the game with.
The game starts with you barricaded in your single story house located at the end of the neighborhood. All hell has broken loose outside with some form of a virus taking over the world, which has turned everyone around you into the living dead! The neighborhood is infested with the dead and you haven’t had any contact with your wife or the outside world for weeks! Depending on which Level of Play you start out at will determine how well stocked your house is with food, water, supplies, and weapons!
Your goal is to rescue your wife and get her back home, along with any other neighbors that may still be alive in the neighborhood, all the while staying alive and healthy!
Your house acts as a home base that you can travel to and from when things get rough but remember supplies are limited so don’t take too long to rescue your wife. Each turn as you venture fourth from your house, you will draw micro scenario tiles which will be used to create the neighborhood. Each tile represents street sections, houses – [one or two story], and a park. You will draw a tile and place it on the table; connecting streets and intersections, and placing houses by a street section to create the entire neighborhood layout. All tiles will have a hex grid super imposed over the scenery for movement purposes.
When you draw a house tile you now have the option to move to, enter and search the house. When a house is reached and ready to be searched, you draw from the large scale 8.5x11 size house tiles. These tiles are larger and made for easier more detailed searches and movement. Each house has a number of specific location within it that will hold possible supplies, food, weapons, and people; in particular your wife! If you find individuals other than your wife you have the option to leave them or save them by bringing them back to your house. Eventually you will find your wife in one of the houses and you must bring her back alive and safe to your own house to win the game!
The neighborhood is big and there are a lot of homes located within sight of your house! There is no certainty on how many houses you will have to search to find your wife but rest assured, she is out there somewhere waiting for you to rescue her and take her home!

The game can be played using three difficulty levels:

Beginner – “Easiest to win” Military man – Most skills, most equipment, highest health!

Intermediate – “Average challenge” Handy man – Medium skills, Minimal equipment, Average health!

Advanced – “Hardest to win” Business man – least amount of skills, least amount of equipment, low health!

Each level of difficulty determines your starting players; skills, health, and strength!

The Military Man is the beginner level character and the easiest character to win the game with. This character starts the game with the most skills, the most equipment and has the highest health score.

SKILLS: Weapons expert, can make ammo, Expert in Survival, Expert in hand to hand combat, can repair equipment and create new items.
EQUIPMENT: A MP5 Machine gun, a rifle, a shotgun, a revolver, a knife, ammo for all weapons, equipment, a lot of food, and a lot of supplies!
HEALTH: 6 health points

The Handy Man is the intermediate level character with an average chance of winning the game. This character starts the game with the medium skills, minimal equipment, and has an average health score.

SKILLS: Some weapon understanding, can’t make ammo, Average in Survival, Average in hand to hand combat, can repair some equipment and make some items.
EQUIPMENT: A revolver, a shotgun, a knife, ammo for the handgun and shotgun, a good supply of food, some tools, some supplies!
HEALTH: 4 health points

The Business Man is the Advanced level character with the least chance of winning the game. This character starts the game with the minimal skills, has a low health score, and is weakest of all three characters.

SKILLS: Can fire a gun, can’t make ammo, No Survival skills, No hand to hand combat, can make coffee and a sandwich.
EQUIPMENT: A revolver, a knife, ammo for the revolver, small supply of food, small amount of tools, some supplies!
HEALTH: 2 health points

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