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Board Game: Boomtown Tycoon
Board Game
Boomtown Tycoon
Version Nickname
Second edition
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8.75 x 6.75 x 1.12 inches
1.00 pounds
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The west is yours to take — if you’re strong enough to take it! You are a prospector from humble beginnings who has journeyed far and wide in search of your fortune. With only a few tools and basic resources, you start mining in hopes of striking it rich. In this wild west, gold-mining, city-building card game, you quickly find that you must be tenacious!

There’s only so much gold in the hills and you must compete with rival prospectors to claim it. This deckbuilding game starts out relatively simple and becomes progressively more complex. Players begin the game with identical decks of cards that consist of basic resources such as labor, brick, lumber, food, and silver. They can use silver and eventually gold to trade these resources for more advanced resources in the market such as pickaxe, guns, leather, and paper. Different combinations of these resources allow players to purchase event cards, wanted cards, and building cards. As a result, these cards give individuals easier access to gold and provide a specified number of victory points.

To outmatch your opponents, your strategy may consist of cunning intellect or brutal aggression. Be the architect of a sluice box, which reduces the amount of labor needed to mine gold, or build a gangster hideout to attack your opponents. When all of the gold is mined, the player with the most victory points wins and becomes the legendary boomtown tycoon!