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Fox and Geese
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Stafford English edition
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12.25 x 12.25 x 1.25 inches
0.80 pounds
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From box inside lid: "The principle of FOX AND GEESE is for a number of playing pieces to hem or corner one man. The Geese try to hem or corner the Fox in such a way that he cannot move.

"The Game of FOX AND GEESE is played by two players with thirteen Geese and one Fox. The Large token represents the Fox. The small tokens are the Geese. One player moves the Fox while the other directs the Geese."

"The geese win when the fox cannot move in any direction. The fox wins when all of the Geese have been jumped, or when the player of the Geese decides he cannot corner the Fox."

"Children or beginners may use ninteen Geese to hem the Fox. The ruleas are exactly the same as above. The only difference is the added advantage to the player of the Geese provided by the increased number in the flock of Geese."

Includes 19 blue plastic chips for Geese, one red plastic chip for the Fox and playing board.

Copyright 1945, John R. Stafford
Produced by Stafford Products Co., Webster Groves 19, MO.