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Board Game: Agricola
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Filosofia French edition 2013
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FIL 00100
12.36 x 8.82 x 2.83 inches
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Players start the game with one farmer and his wife, living in a farm. Each of the family members will have to do something each turn. If they collect wood or reed, they can expand their farm, then have children. Thesechildren willallow players to have additional actions, but they still have to be fed. To find food, players have to plow and sow in their fields. These fields will produce vegetables and cereals which will be collected once grown and players can also raise cattle. For this, they will have to add fences around pastures, therefore raising a prosperous amount of sheeps, boars and cows. Growing experience and careful land management will allow families to improve the ordinary, each carefully placed card giving its owner a specific advantage. Players earn points by upgrading their farms with earth then stones. Basically, everything that will contribute to the family's wellbeing and prosperity will give points. With 169 experience cards and 149 upgrade cards, each Agricola game will be different from previous ones. Furthermore, the game includes beginner- friendly rules and a solo game variant.

Game includes: 9 double-sided boards, 138 resources pawns, 36 food, 54 cattle, 25 farmers, 75 fences, 20 cattle buildings, 24 wood farms tiles, 33 stone/mud houses tiles, 3 marker tiles, 9 multipliers, 1 score pad, 1 rules booklet, 1 first-player pawn, 360 cards (separation, experience, upgrades, turns, actions, begging and players' aid).

Source: Publisher's blurb, back of the box.