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克蘇魯的呼喚:阿卡姆奧秘 擴充版
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Chinese first edition
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8.00 x 8.00 x 1.50 inches
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Feb 2014
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[English] This is the official Chinese version.

Secrets of Arkham, the first deluxe expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game, opens a host of new deckbuilding opportunities for players looking to expand the horizons of their game. New "tribal" synergy deck options open up through additional support for the Deep One, Mi-Go, and other subtypes, as well as for the Day and Night mechanism. This set also introduces a wealth of utility neutral cards that will easily find their way into lots of different kinds of decks. Cards like "Diseased Sewer Rats" and "Feint" will become indispensable in the new metagame.

This set also features a new ten-card story deck that players can use in place of the story deck found in the Call of Cthulhu Core Set to take their game to a new level. These story cards will feature large, global effects, that players will fight hard to trigger...or prevent from happening.


-H.P. 洛夫克拉夫特


根據恐怖小說大師霍華德.菲利普.洛夫克拉夫特筆下的黑暗神話,阿卡姆奧秘擴充版重點介紹一個10張全新的故事卡牌庫,設計來讓你走進宇宙恐怖的新路徑去體驗克蘇魯的呼喚:卡牌遊戲。這個故事牌庫提供一個在克蘇魯的呼喚:卡牌遊戲核心裝裡提供的故事牌庫以外的另一個選擇。除了新的故事牌庫外,本擴充也包含50張不同的卡牌(每張三個副本),突出了具代表性的神話角色如阿撒托斯、阿米特吉教授、和死靈之書。本擴充為每個派系(調查局、克蘇魯、哈斯塔、米斯卡塔尼克大學、莎布- 尼古拉絲、黑幫、和猶格- 索托斯)增加六張卡牌,以及八張中立卡牌。


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