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Board Game: Ars Victor
Board Game
Ars Victor
Version Nickname
English limited edition 2014
Alternate Nickname
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Year Released
Product Code
GMT standard box
3.20 pounds
Release Date
Jun 25, 2014
Release Comment
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Pre-order Start Date
Mar 10, 2014
Pre-order End Date
Jun 24, 2014
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Description Edit | History

ARS VICTOR brings you fast-paced, tense tactical combat in a game that you can finish in an hour.

Are you a newbie? Clearly-illustrated rules and scenarios make ARS VICTOR easy to get into. Or are you a veteran wargamer? Sink your teeth into the endless variety of maps, army builds, and strategies that you crave.

"Smashing down all of my skepticism, this game can be played in sixty minutes. There is a simplicity that doesn't take away from that wargame itch."
- Scott "Tox" Morris @CritsHappen.com

"Here is a game that provides a lot of depth of play, complete freedom to strategize, and more tactics than you can throw a grenade at. Best of all, Ars Victor is a game that can be played by anyone."
- Cyrus Kirby, Fathergeek.com

(From: Publisher Website http://www.arsvictor.com/)