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Board Game: Rent a Hero
Board Game
Seventh Hero
Version Nickname
English small box edition
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AEG 5813
5.70 x 4.00 x 1.50 inches
Release Date
Jul 2014
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The card deck of 77 cards consists of 7 different cards representing a hero each. Players start with 2 random heroes each, and each turn, sends a card from hand face down to the next player who can choose to take it or pass it on. If he takes it, he adds it to his group of heroes, but if it's a hero he already has, they are both sent to the discard pile. Before sending a hero away, the player must obey the current round's limitations, such as the card must be odd or must be below or above a certain number.

The first player to collect 6 of the seven heroes wins the game. Each hero has a special power that can be activated once.

- Publisher Blurb