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Board Game: Werewolf
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English runes edition
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WW 1
6.00 x 4.50 x 0.75 inches
0.20 pounds
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Mar 1, 2014
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Werewolf 'Runes' is a 'Deluxe' edition of 'Werewolf'; it's a high-quality version of the role-playing game originally called 'Mafia' which was devised by Dimitry Davidoff & developed by Andrew Plotkin.

Game-play is very similar to the original Werewolf concept - see below. At this stage we have kept the character range to the original minimum; there are no 'extensions' beyond a village 'Seer'.

The 'Runes' version of 'Werewolf' was designed to enhance the playing experience by the use of high-quality & durable components presented in a very attractive and compact zip-up bag. The solid playing pieces are not only very tactile & physically attractive (designed to simulate 'bone' - "from the remains of the slaughtered villagers...!"), but should last for many years, to be enjoyed and then passed down through family generations.

The use of solid character 'Runes' also overcomes the single main drawback of their card counterparts - they won't become creased or damaged to give their identities away.

The comprehensive, full colour instructions include the narrator's 'lines' to enable smooth game-play even for those completely new to the game.

The standard set contains 11 'character' Runes; 2 Werewolves, 1 Seer, 7 Villagers and one village Elder (the narrator). Additional Runes sets are available which will increase the maximum player numbers from 11 to 21.

(For player numbers between 5 and 7, a single Werewolf should be assigned. For 7/8 to 11 players, both Werewolves should be employed. Above approximately 13 players, you may wish to increase this to 3, and even introduce a second Seer. Additional 'Rune' sets are available for party number greater than 11.)

‘Werewolf’ is a role-playing game set in an ancient hamlet which has been infiltrated by a couple of werewolves. The werewolves pick off the villagers at night one by one, and have to avoid capture during the day when they revert back to human form.

Each player is assigned a character at random; 1 of 2 Werewolves, the village Seer (with powers of 'second sight'), and the remaining players are innocent Villagers. The village 'Elder' narrates and over-sees the game to ensure it runs smoothly; the Elder's role can either be chosen in advance or be assigned randomly along with the other characters.

During the night - when all the players close their eyes - the Werewolves quietly select a victim to slay. The Seer then has an opportunity to silently 'question' whether one of the players is a murdering Werewolf or an innocent Villager - he needs to use this information with great care as revealing to the others that he is the Seer will likely condemn him to an early slaughtering by the vengeful Werewolves.

The day-time task for the Villagers is to catch and lynch the Werewolves without accidentally condemning their own people by mistake. The two human-form Werewolves will do their utmost to evade capture and will try and implicate innocent villagers instead. It is a game of frenzied 'discussion' which will involve a great deal of bluff, accusation, deceit, cajoling and interrogation. Somewhere amongst this verbal carnage will lie the truth - can it be found before it's too late?!

Each day one character will be 'lynched' and removed from the game. The Werewolves win if they survive the Villagers being slaughtered; the Villagers win if they successfully lynch both Werewolves before they, themselves, are wiped out.

GamesUnZipped is a small family 'cottage industry' based in North Devon, England. Our game versions have been inspired by our life-long love of parlour games, the enjoyment of which has been passed to us from our parents; we fully intend to continue that tradition with our own children. Werewolf 'Runes' came about after another frustrating game where everyone tried to grab the obviously-creased 'Werewolf' card! (Why does everyone want to be a slaughtering Werewolf, anyway?!) We sat down to discuss what the ultimate version of this game would look like, and then couldn't resist seeing it come into reality. We sincerely hope you love this as much as we do.