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Board Game: The Great Game of Britain
Board Game
The Great Game of Britain
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Condor edition 1973
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18.11 x 12.99 x 1.57 inches
1.75 pounds
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'The object of the game is to visit places of interest in Britain and be the first to return to London from where you set off. You travel by rail and ferry on the same routes as you would in real life.

Taking turns to move, you are allowed to move up to as many stations as the number shown on the dice you throw. You have to stop and wait a turn when you come to a place you visit and also when you change from an Inter-City line to a local line or vice-versa, when you take a ferry and when you pass through London.

Whenever you wish to make such a change you have to pick up a Hazard Card and follow the instructions it gives you. Sometimes these instructions will help you on your way, at other times they will add time and trouble to your or someone else's journey. Sometimes you will be allowed to change the train signals which close stations. No player is allowed to go through a station whilst it is closed except with a throw of six.'

Taken from first paragraph of 'HOW TO PLAY' in the game instructions.