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Board Game: Axis & Allies
Board Game
Axis & Allies
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Milton Bradley edition 1987
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20.00 x 12.00 x 4.00 inches
4.15 pounds
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Rules Update
What's New...What's Changed In The Second Edition?
- Commander-in-chief rules have been deleted
- Transport rules have changed
- Amphibious assult rules have changed
- Multiple Force rules have changed - such forces cannot attack together any more
- Rules about newly built and captured industrial complexes have changed - they now have limited production
- Rules about initial placement of pieces has been changed
- Rules about capturing enemy capitals have been clarified
- Rules about gameboard spaces have been clarified and changed. The sea zone surrounding Panama is now two zones or game spaces
- Rules about Action 5 "Placing New Units On Gameboard" have been clarified--specifically dealing with fighters, industrial complexes and naval units
- Rules about withdrawing from combat have been clarified - units must retreat to ONE adjacent territory from which the attack was launched

- Second Edition Game Play Manual (Milton Bradley Company)

Bar Code: 0 32244 04423