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ObjectID: 238115
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Designer: Thomas J. Rudden, Jr.
Patent #US4190256


2-6 players

Category: Abstract Strategy

Mechanic: Tile Placement

Family: Connection Games

HEXA is a path-forming game played on a semi-circular grid of 109 hexagonal cells. Six outer cells of the board are marked as starting points, and the central cell is considered neutral. The game is played with hexagonal pieces that fit the cells of the board, and are marked with some combination of lines connecting two or more sides, or ending in the center. All lines are of the same color.

Players begin by drawing a piece at random and placing it on their starting point, or passing. Players may also trade pieces. The first player to create a continuous path from his starting point to the opposite starting point (or in the case of four or more players, designated alternating starting points) wins the game.

The designer provides for variations according to what combination of pieces are included in the game, how they are distributed to the players, and how turns are taken.