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Board Game: Viceroys
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[From the back of the box]

Explore new lands, loot native empires, plunder treasure fleets, sink pirate ships, build an empire, win fame, fortune and glory. This is just a taste of what awaits you in the world of the Viceroys.

Viceroys is a game of world exploration, colonization and conquest by Europeans in the Age of Discovery. 1 - 7 players compete to explore, exploit and conquer the post-Renaissance world. Economic and military competition, political treachery and the race for new discoveries are featured in this highly playable and interactive game.

Viceroys is a fast-moving game, with plenty of card play, movement and action. Players have only a few units to move each turn, yet have many options: they can try to build empires, go 'a-pirating' to plunder their opponents' empires or attempt to win the race for new lands. All the uncertainty and rewards of venturing into the unknown are recreated by an exploration system that produces a world that is different each time and can be much different than the world we know today. Two historical scenarios ("Christopher Columbus" and "Spanish World") and a third hypothetical scenario plus many different 'events' are included to keep you playing again and again.

Viceroys has optional rules for role-playing explorers, adding non-player empires, and pirate nations. A simple set of solitaire rules is available to play any scenario. Also included in the rule booklet is an illustrated example of play that takes a player through a complete turn, step by step.