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Board Game: Star Wars: The Card Game – Heroes and Legends
Board Game
星球大戰LCG: 英雄與傳說 原力包
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Chinese edition
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5.06 x 2.63 x 1.00 inches
0.30 pounds
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Mar 28, 2014
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Description Edit | History

This is the official Chinese edition of the game.

Game description from the publisher (FFG):
The Star Wars: The Card Game - Heroes and Legends Force Pack begins an epic journey through the "Echoes of the Force" cycle, exploring the power of the Force and its impact and effects on the galaxy.

As the Heroes and Legends Force Pack opens the cycle, you'll find Imperial forces working to complete the Dark Trooper Project and Imperial War Droids that can count their icons for the Force struggle without a Force card. At the same time, you'll find the bold intelligence agents of the Rebel Alliance and independent Smugglers and Spies slicing in to sabotage the operation. Meanwhile, on the planet Ruusan, Jedi and Imperial Inquistitors clash over the power of the Force nexus hidden inside the Valley of the Jedi.

In the "Echoes of the Force" cycle, Star Wars: The Card Game experiences dramatic changes taking shape as both sides learn to better channel the power of the Force. Its balance has implications that reach far beyond damaging dark side objectives or advancing the Death Star dial. The living Force binds all things, and it may soon permeate every part of your decks, drawing strength from the new cards included in Heroes and Legends and other Force Packs from "Echoes of the Force".



英雄與傳說為星球大戰:卡牌遊戲的一個原力包,它包含 60 張被設計來加強你的套牌的新的卡牌。星球大戰:卡牌遊戲是一個快速的戰鬥、高風險詭計、以及創新和自訂套牌的二人遊戲。

包含原力之回響循環的 97-101號目的集。