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Board Game: Monopoly
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Drechsler Danish Fifth Edition De Luxe
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16.93 x 8.66 x 1.18 inches
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A Danish made version after the original Danish design.

The game board is round and have street names of Copenhagen. In the Danish versions, the plants are breweries, and in this game it is Valash and Faxe Bryggeri (Faxe Brewery). The Danish version have ferries instead of rail roads, and in this one the ferries are Øresund A/S, A/S Grenå-Hundested Færgefart, Mols-Linjen A/S and Skandinavisk Linjetrafik A/S.

The tokens are as usual cars in different colours. This version have plastic cars in green, red, white, blue, black and white. The cars in this version is a vintage one of some kind - unfortuantly I can't determin which one it is, but perhaps a pre-War Volvo PV.

The money is quite simple; it have some boarder and then in the center the value (New version = 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000) with the new Dreschler logo on both sides.

The standard version had a thin cardboard game board, where the De Luxe version have a thick cardboard game board.

The exact version year is unknown, but considering the two Volvo card drawn on the game board are 140-series pre-facelift versions (142 Police sedan (should maybe have been a 144) and a 145 civilian station car), it may have been designed in the late 1968-9 (the facelift is in 1970).