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Board Game: Empires in Arms
Board Game
Empires in Arms
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Avalon Hill edition
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Avalon Hill Bookcase
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Hex-O-Gram Catalogue Issue 54. Game Description:
EMPIRES IN ARMS (AH 864) $35.00
Boxed game by Avalon Hill
Diplomacy and warfare in the tangled web that was Napoleonic Europe in the years 1805-15. Rated highly complex, this challenging game for two to seven players casts them as absolute monarchs of major European states, vying for power. Numerous scenarios are offered from the two-player, four-turn to the Grand Campaign for seven players. Land and sea conflict at the corps and fleet level, in one-month turns and using area movement. Over 1000 die-cut counters and two full-color 25x35" mapboards, plus rules, dice and assorted reference cards.