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Board Game: The Republic of Rome
Board Game
The Republic of Rome
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Avalon Hill first edition
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Avalon Hill Bookcase
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Hex-O-Gram Catalogue Issue 98. Game Description:
REPUBLIC OF ROME (AH 885) $35.00
Immerse yourself in a game of political intrigue, diplomacy, duplicity and history in this multi-player game set in ancient Rome and spanning more than 200 years of the republic from the Punic Wars to the assassination of Julius Caesar and the onset of the Empire. Three to six players vie to control the Senate while also cooperating for the good of the state against her enemies. Balance personal and statecraft goals, or suffer the consequences! Rules also cover two-player and solitaire versions of play, while the game offers three separate scenarios to divide the color-coded cards into decks for simulating the Early, Middle or Late Republic. Combine them all for a Campaign Game of truly epic proportions. Highly complex game features: one 16x22" mounted game¬board; one 24-page rulebook with historical and designer's notes; 192 illustrated Action cards; 6 Factions/Sequence of Play cards; 3 sheets of die-cut playing pieces; three 6-sided dice.