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Board Game: Legends of the Three Kingdoms
Board Game
San Guo Sha
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YOKA Games Standard edition 2013
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May 20, 2013
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Description Edit | History

This edition introduced two new characters into the base game for the first time.

27 Character cards;
108 deck cards (including 4 EX cards);
1 random new version of foil card, possibly a Demigod one.
There're three character with both art and abilities changed, and two new characters

Changed characters:

Liu Bei: giving out his cards is now limited to once per play phase.
The balance-breaking combo of Liu Bei & Xun Yu no longer works!

Huang Yueying: both of her abilities are changed so that she's less offensive but more defensive.

Diao Chan: the Duel her ability triggers is now subject to Ward (aka Negate). A minor change.

New characters:

Yuan Shu: It is totally different with SP Yuan Shu.

Hua Xiong: it is different than the one in OKF 2012.
An ironic part of this new card, is that the footnote quotes Guan Yu's word when he's about to kill Hua Xiong... Dunno if it's intentional or by mistaken.

Terminology changes:
1. once per phase abilities are now more specific, saying once per X phase.
2. The first and the last phases out of the per-turn 6 phases got their name changed:
Turn start phase(回合开始阶段) --> Preparing phase(准备阶段)
Turn end phase(回合结束阶段) --> End phase (结束阶段)