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Board Game: Legends of the Three Kingdoms
Board Game
San Guo Sha
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Phantasia Traditional Chinese third edition 2013
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Apr 27, 2013
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Description Edit | History

Yoka authorized Phantasia(疯桌游) to publish traditional Chinese editions in Taiwan exclusively from 2012 on.

Contents similar to 2011 Standard edition unless otherwise specified:
25 Character cards;
108 deck card;
in addition to a random foil card, there may be also one random Tradition Chinese SP card may. Note that these TC SP cards are different than those published by Zhuo-You-Zhi(桌游志) and are numbered independently. They have new art but no change in abilities, available only in these TC editions.

Third edition on 27th, April, 2013. It contains none or one random TC SP card of Zhuge Liang or Huang YueYing, both with new art and same abilities in the base game.