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Board Game: Jungle Rumble
Board Game
Jungle Rumble
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Chinese/English first edition
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16.80 x 11.60 x 4.00 inches
0.79 pounds
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In Jungle Rumble, you're in charge of a herd of cats — yes, cats — and those cats must do your bidding in order to mine, build plantations, water your farm, and recruit more helpful kitties.

Each round, a number of action tiles are available. On a turn, a player chooses one of the actions, placing as many of her cats on it as she wants, with more cats leading to a stronger action. Each other player in turn can take the same action, but only at a strength of one cat. After each player has chosen an action, unchosen actions are sweetened for the next round, the start player marker rotates, then the next round starts.

Players need to grow their herd of cats in order to take additional actions, but you must also feed your herd or else the cats will wander off into the forest or who knows where. At the end of the game, players score for the size of their feline herd, the amount of water supplied to their field, their supplies of food and gold, and a few other things. Whoever has the most points becomes the champion of this vivid forest!