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Board Game: Odd Ball
Board Game
Odd Ball
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English edition
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3.00 x 3.50 x 1.00 inches
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From the back of the box:

Object: Be the first player to collect, then discard seven cards of the same color suit. Score points for each round that you play.

Another rummy game from Awesome Games. On the roll of an odd number, players can trade their cards in the hopes of collecting seven cards of the same color. Specialty cards can help you, hurt your opponents, and even cause them to miss a turn. First to collect and discard a set of seven gets the chance to roll two dice to determine their score for the round. All other players roll one die. First player to 25 points wins.

The Play: Roll the dice on your turn. Roll odd and continue play...roll even and lose your turn. Duels develop as players frantically try to roll odd numbers to gain control. Stun your opponents with action cards, force them to drop cards that you may need or take them all by swapping your hand for theirs! Everyone scores points in a round. Score 25 or more to win. You can lose rounds and still win the game!

It's so odd...it's got to be Odd Ball!