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Board Game: Phoenix Covenant
Board Game
Phoenix Covenant
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English first edition
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Phoenix Covenant: Kickstarter

The Basics

Never settle for less than Victory with this excellent Kickstarted, KS version of the core game set, featuring over 200 cards, and incredible gameplay!
Inside, you'll find 4 pre-built decks, ready-to-play, and a great collection of components, including the cards, the board (2mm thick, foldable), the tokens, and the custom-designed, triple-dial resource trackers. Also included are a selection of limited edition cards in a special pack for each Kickstarter backer.

The Gameplay

In competitive play, two sides face each other in an epic, strategic, and remarkably tactical battle. The goal for each side is the same: reduce your opponent’s Life Total to zero. Damage can be dealt to each side’s Base by attacking their Base directly or attacking their strategic Hardpoints – armored redoubts near each Base – using units that they have deployed to the field.
In order to achieve this goal, each side brings into play a deck, which may be completely designed by a player, oriented toward a personally-chosen strategy. Drawing cards each turn and managing their resources, players must choose how to execute their strategy and adapt to ever-evolving situations on the field.
Players must outmaneuver foes and create tactical formations by turning one’s cards, outwit others with well-timed unit abilities, combos and spells, and outplay opponents by taking advantage of our unique special-summoning Commander cards, directional armor and weakpoints (watch out for critical hits!), and field-based structure cards.

Fun Features

- Awesome forward-deploying commander units
- Totally tactical & strategic play
- Unique Armor & Weakpoints characteristics for directional-attacks
- Structure cards that grant local or global benefits
- Custom deckbuilding; design how you want!
- A community built around gamers and fair-play
- 100s of combos to discover and plan!