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Board Game: Florenza
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English second edition
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Oct 2014
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Description Edit | History

Game reprint with some small rule adjustments, improved materials and diceless variant.

The changes are as follows:
  1. We made more clear form distance the difference between the blue (Pazzi Family) and black (Rucellai Family) tokens used to count points and for the turn order. Generally speaking, the tokens of Rucellai Family are darker than before.
  2. We inserted the rules to play without the dice.
  3. We changed the point certificates with a more “Renaissance” style ones.
  4. We increased the cost of building the “Palagio” by 1 cloth.
  5. Rules for preachers are different: each of them gives an extra resource, they have the same price and they don’t give you a bonus or minus in victory or bishop points.
  6. We inserted a summary of the costs of the monuments of central board, on the back of the workshops summary.
  7. A new rule to gain 100 fiorinos if you don’t have any useful action to perform.