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Board Game: Top Trumps
Board Game
Europa Rundt
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OTA/Unibank edition
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3.50 x 2.28 x 0.39 inches
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Description Edit | History

A commercial/promotion version of Top Trumps made for OTA Solgryn (oat meal) and Unibank (a Danish bank, now under Nordea Concern). The publisher is unknown.

In this game you use the cities of (West!) Europa and measure your wins by:
Amount of citizents
Areal size
Tallest building
City's age (in years - counted up to 1990)
Length of the main street
and Distance to Copenhagen

As usual, highest number wins the the round.

The game uses following cities:
- Copenhagen (Denmark)
- Stockholm (Sweden)
- Oslo (Norway)
- Dublin (Irland)
- Zürich (Switzerland)
- Athen (Greece)
- Glasgow (Scotland)
- Porto (Portugal)
- Lissabon (Portugal)
- Rotterdem (The Netherlands)
- Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
- Antwerpen (Belgium)
- Bruxelles (Belgium)
- Madrid (Spain)
- Barcelona (Spain)
- Marseille (France)
- Lyon (France)
- Paris (France)
- Napoli (Italy)
- Milano (Italy)
- Rome (Italy)
- Torino (Italy)
- London (England)
- Newcastle (England)
- Birmingham (England)
- Liverpool (England)
- Hamburg (Germany)
- Mannheim (Germany)
- Frankfurt (Germany)
- Stuttgart (Germany)
- München (Germany)
- (West) Berlin (Germany).
For each city there is a short description of the city or what to see in the city.

The rules of the game is printed on the backside of the cover card.