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Board Game: The Economy Game
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Palet Danish edition
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15.35 x 11.02 x 1.18 inches
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Økonomi (Economics) is a rather old Norwegian game, where the players simulate a person's life in an economic society.

There are four different squares on the board, namely consumption, decision, risk and government.

On concumption, the player must purchase one commodity (priced after Power Grid mechanics). On decicion, the player must choose an action (education, investments, production, mortgage etc). On risk, the player draws a risk card, and on government a new government card is turn over, and acts as a global environment card.


Game board
14 stocks
27 savings cards
14 education cards
24 red risk cards
12 blue government cards
12 yellow help cards
6 playing pieces
12 blue machine pieces
6 red mortgage pieces
6 green mortgage pieces
70 yellow commodity pieces
One die
140 money bills