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Board Game: Treasure Chest
Board Game
Treasure Chest
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Rio Grande English edition
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10.79 x 7.56 x 2.09 inches
1.30 pounds
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Description Edit | History

From the back of the box: Made in Czech Republic

The 10 year anniversary of alea is celebrated with an expansions box: the Treasure Chest. The box size matches the Alea medium box series, and the Rio Grande Games edition contains 13 expansions for 7 alea games:

  • The Princes of Florence
    • The Muse and the Princess Expansion
      • 6 special character cards to be used in a second auction each round
    • Two Player Rules
  • Puerto Rico
    • Expansion I: The New Buildings
      • 2× 12 different small violet buildings
      • 1× 2 different large violet buildings
      • (Like the original release from Spielbox, there are no special Forest tiles.)
    • Expansion II: The Nobles
      • 2× 6 different small violet buildings
      • 2× 1 production building
      • 1 large violet building
      • 20 red nobles (same size as the colonists)
  • San Juan
    • Expansion I: The New Buildings
      • 26 violet building cards
      • 5 production building cards
      • 1 cardboard cathedral tile (that looks like a two-sided violet building card)
    • Expansion II: The Events
      • 6 event cards
  • Notre Dame
    • Expansion: New Persons
      • 9 new grey person cards (3× A, 3× B, 3× C)
  • In the Year of the Dragon
    • Expansion I: The Great Wall of China
      • 1 action card to build on the wall
      • 6 wall tiles for each player (5 players → 30 tiles)
    • Expansion II: The Superevents
      • 10 superevent tiles
  • Witch's Brew
    • Expansion I: The 6th Player
      • 12 role cards
      • 5 potion cards (an extra "last" card per stack)
      • 6 cardboard gold nuggets (manifest says 5)
      • 6 cardboard ravens
    • Expansion II: The Amulets (designed to make a 3p game more exciting}
      • 9 cardboard amulets
    • Expansion III: The Magic Abilities
      • 17 magical ability cards
  • Louis XIV
    • Expansion: The Favorite
      • 1 cardboard Favorite figure
      • a Favorite action table for each player (4)
Also, this particular edition has a pair of mistakes with Puerto Rico Expansion I: The New Buildings, neither of which affect gameplay:
  • One Forest House is missing its name on one side.
  • One Library is missing its name on one side.