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Board Game: Qubic
Board Game
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Parker Brothers English second edition 1965
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NO. 400
9.75 x 6.75 x 1.62 inches
1.00 pounds
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Description Edit | History

Two 1965 Parker Brothers versions of this game exist, though both are labeled Item 400 and the boxes are identical.

The game box for each version contains:
  • 1 burgundy base board (6.25 inches square, same mold as clear boards)
  • 3 clear upper level boards (6.25 inches square)
  • 12 posts
  • 20 tokens in each of three colors (red, yellow, light blue)
  • small rules sheet

Version 1 uses simple posts that have a +-shaped cross-section to support the game-board levels. The plastic post does not flare out at the top and instead of having a shaped post receptacle on each board, there's just a round area that the post fits into.

Annoyingly, the 1 levels do not have recesses for the game tokens. If the cat or the toddler taps this board setup at all hard, the game will be over.

Version 2 has orientation-specific posts to go between the board levels. At the bottom of the post, the shape is simple, but at the top, there's a flared base that supports the board nicely. The posts do keep the same +-shaped cross section, but the post receptacles are actually shaped to fit the posts. Unfortunately, that flare and the shape of the post receptacle make for a tighter fit, which sometimes makes taking the board apart a bit more difficult. Be careful that you don't break these pieces... they are now 45 years old!

Each of the Version 2 levels includes small round recesses for the game pieces. While the pieces don't sit into these recesses tightly, there's definitely enough of a recess to keep the tokens from going flying if someone accidentally taps the board. The asymmetrical design of the posts was a feature which forces you to assemble the boards with the side of the board that has recesses up.

If you compare the picture of the game on the box cover to this version it will not match. The image on the box is for the version 1 game.