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Board Game: Hacker
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First edition
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12.00 x 9.50 x 1.50 inches
0.94 pounds
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Hex-O-Gram Catalogue Issue 115. Game Description:
HACKER (SJG 1313) $18.05
In 1990, Steve Jackson Games was raided by the Secret Service when a Federal "hacker hunt" went off the deep end. In response to oft-repeated demand, SJG finally made a game of it! In HACKER, players sail through the Net, competing to invade the most computer systems. The more systems you crack, the more you learn, and the easier your next target is — but beware! There's a Secret Service Raid waiting for you! Based on the classic ILLUMINATI system, this card game requires guile and diplomacy. To win, you must trade favors with your fellow hackers — and get more than you give away. Jealous rivals will try to bust you. 3 busts and you're out of the game. Shared victories are possible, but not easy! For 3 to 6 players, this game includes: rulebook; 110 cards; 172 marker chips; 6 console units; system upgrades; Bust markers and Ninja Net marker; 2 dice and a ziplock bag. Designed by Steve himself!