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Board Game: Warlock
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Games Workshop English edition
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Avalon Hill Bookcase
1.36 pounds
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"WARLOCK presents you with the ultimate test of sorcery - duelling against fellows wizards in the merciless glare of the arena. Your opponents are men skilled in arcane law and mighty magicks who have prepared long and carefully their formidable array of spells: GORGON'S STARE which can turn living flesh to stone; an army of fearsome GOBLINS summoned to the arena by foul means; the awesome power of a fire-breathing DRAGON; and the holy intercession of a SAINT. You too will have the chance to select your spells from amongst these and many others, allowing you to pick the right combination that will give you victory in this desperate contest of spell and counter-spell. Luck is not enough to save you if you rashly enter the arena unprepared for the coming battle. The skilful wizard however, be he Good or Evil, is the one who will win through the epic clashes of magic to become the deserved and sole holder of the coverted title of WARLOCK."

-- Charles Vasey, rear of box.