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Board Game: Magic: The Gathering
Board Game
Magic: The Gathering
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English Unlimited Edition (Second Edition Core Set)
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302 cards

Hex-O-Gram Catalogue Issue 131. Game Description: MAGIC: THE GATHERING (WOC 6000) $7.95
A fantasy card game and collector trading cards all in one, complete with rules. This "starter deck" set. first in the Deckmaster Series of collectible trading card games. Includes 60 cards - but there are 300 different cards available, some fairly common, some uncommon, and some very rare. Each player must have a deck - and the more players, the more epic the game can become! Participate in tournament play, but remember... your opponent is never defeated until the last life point has been taken.
It is funny that this small description was about a game that was to become the best-selling such game. And one that would earn a small fortune for independent retailers. Thank you Ricard Garfield!