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Board Game: Catan
Board Game
The Settlers of Catan
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English third edition 2003 with B&W rules and card box
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11.60 x 9.40 x 2.00 inches
1.59 pounds
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Description Edit | History

The box cover for this edition and the 1997 edition are identical, however the back covers have some differences. There are different pictures of the game on the back, and the caption that goes with the picture is moved from the top to the bottom. Also there's an additional copyright date of 2003 on this edition. Inside, this edition has separate black and white copies of the Game Rules and the Almanac (this differs from another 2003 copyright date version with a combined rule book and almanac printed in color). This version also has a box to hold the cards, where the previous 1997 printing of the third edition did not.