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Battle of Britain
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ISBN: 88038-894-3
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The year is 1940. France has already fallen, and Hitler's panzers stand poised on the edge of the English Channel. Before the great invasion of Britain can begin, however, the Royal Air Force must be driven from the skies. Far stronger than the beleaguered RAF, the German Luftwaffe hammers British cities, radar stations, and airfields while the world watches. Can the RAF stop the deadly rain of German bombs?

And yet, the Luftwaffe has no easy task. Few of their bombers are really suited to the task of strategic bombing. Many targets are beyond the range of German fighters, leaving the bombers open to the fury of the defending British. The German High Command seemingly changes their strategic plans at whim, limiting the ability of the Luftwaffe to deliver a knockout blow to any one part of the British defence.

The British radar line proves a key element in the battle. It allows the range, speed and altitude fo the attackers to be estimated - thus, British fighters can converge on the invading air groups.

As the British player, you try to guess the German targets, placing your outnumbered forces to inflict maximum losses on the German bomber fleets. In air-to-air combat, you must avoid the deadly german fighters and concentrate on destroying or turning back the vulnerable bombers.

As the German player, you must bomb Great Britain into submission as quickly as possible. Since your choice of missions is limited, you must rely on clever tactics, feints, and diversions to get your bombers through. In your favor, overwhelming strength. Against you, time, lack of replacements, and the British.

-- Rear of box flavour text.

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