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Board Game: Blackbeard
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Avalon Hill English second edition
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Avalon Hill Bookcase
2.69 pounds
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Description Edit | History

Fixes errata from First Edition

From Web Grognards - http://www.grognard.com/errata/blackbrd.txt

BlackBeard Errata from General 27/6

2.21 MAP: The white dashed line seperating the North Atlantic and Caribbean
should be considered to be the top of the chain of white coastal hexes
extending from Florida at H15 to Martinique (BB18), Shipping Lane 41, and
Barbados (DD19). It appears on the 2nd Edition map as a _black_ dashed
line. The "".

ACTION CARDS: Those cards with the Injury result of "-1 to all ratings"
should read "-2 to all ratings". The word "Attack" on card 66 should read
Some decks were assembled incorrectly. Check to make sure that your deck
has 24 different Pirate cards, 36 Action cards whose Shipping Lane icon in
the upper right contains the numbers "11" through "66" with no duplicates,
plus four which contain an asterisk in the Shipping Lane symbol. If your
deck is incorrect, return the duplicate cards for free replacement.
SUGGESTION: The game plays much faster with a duplicate set of Action Cards
to substitute pre-shuffled for the deck in use whenever a Random Event is
drawn. This avoids the wait while the deck is reshuffled. Action decks
can be purchased separately from TAHGC for $6.00, plus usual postage charges.

2.33 Is the KC's Display printed incorrectly with respect to the KC values?
A. No. The KC markers are placed on the Track _only_ after a KC suffers
some type of damage. Insert the words "when damaged" after "KC" in the sixth

4.2 Governors are placed white-side face-up.

8.6 Is Transit Box 1 considered part of the North Atlantic?
A. Yes. See Transit Box 2. The 2nd Edition mapboard labels each Transit Box
as belonging to a particular Ocean. Boxes 2,3 and 4 belong to the Gold Coast,
and boxes 5 and 6 to the Indian Ocean.

9.21 What are the nationalities of the different Shipping Lanes? Does the
determination of an unflagged warship's nationality occur based on the ship's
initial position at the start of its move or at the time it is revealed?
A. Shipping Lanes assume the nationality of the closest Port. On the 2nd
Edition mapboard, the Shipping Lanes contain the flags of that nationality.
An unflagged Warship's nationality os determined at the start of its turn,
and can change from turn to turn.

9.72 What can a Pirate do with useful information about a Pirate Haven?
A. Nothing.

9.82 Delete "to declare D&R after taking such a prize".; substitute:
"Mandatory D&R"

10.22 Delete "must declare"; substitute: "faces Mandatory".

15.2C Add: "or one currently under attack."

17G Safe Havens _are_ lost due to Native Uprisings.

23.3 Does the player use KCs when he wants in the solitaire version, or is
he forced to take a KC move when his card indicates such?
A. The game can be played either way. At first, we recommend that the player
have freedom of choice over when to take a KC operation. However, once
players have mastered the game, it makes a more challenging contest if the
player too must obey the dictates of the cards for KC operations.

23.5 Insert after "9.3.": "A Pirate will attack a Merchant in the same hex
unless his Attack Number is