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Board Game: Drive on Damascus
Board Game
Drive on Damascus
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3W Wargamer magazine edition
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Issue 15
11.00 x 8.50 x 0.12 inches
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Description Edit | History

Description in Signal, Issue 180:
DRIVE ON DAMASCUS is enclosed in issue 15 of THE WARGAMER, the UK's answer to S&T. The game deals with the Vichy French Defence of Syria in 1941. The map is quite good and the counters quite professional and cut too. The main problem is that the usual hex system that everyone is familiar with, has been replaced by a dot system. Hence instead of going from hex to hex, you jump from dot-to~dot. The pattern is quite straight forward and the idea of moving faster on road and slower in hills/desert is still there. However, a North American average gamer is going to think twice as to trying something new and that may slow it down. The game is interesting and the rules tight. The British are few but experienced while the French have lots of troops of unknown capabilities. Sitting nearby are the Germans, also experienced. The period covered is 8 June to 14 July, 1941 and all aspects are shown. The naval forces are done abstract of the board but influence the coastal areas. Looks good from the rules, counters and feel viewpoint, but the board loses it. Do have a look though. $7.95 through TSR, FOB 756, Lake Geneva, WI, USA, 53147