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Board Game: Armies of Oblivion: ASL Module 12
Board Game
Armies of Oblivion: ASL Module 12
Version Nickname
First edition (hard-mounted mapboards)
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12.40 x 10.70 x 2.20 inches
3.60 pounds
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ObjectID: 27796
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Description Edit | History

Armies of Oblivion was released in three different versions, so buyers should verify any module purchased to make sure it is the version desired. The first version is a full version with old-style mounted mapboards. Realizing that is stock of those mounted mapboards was not going to be enough to meet demand, MMP also produced a version with cardstock mapboards. However, because the original mounted mapboards had been made available for purchase years earlier, and many veteran ASLers did not need an additional set of mapboards, MMP also made available (only through pre-order) a special mapless version of Armies of Oblivion for people who already had map sets. Stickers on the Armies of Oblivion box should identify which version a particular game is, but those stickers can be removed, so prospective buyers should always "trust but verify."

Mapboards were: #48, #49, #50 and #51