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Board Game: War of the Ring: Second Edition
Board Game
War of the Ring: Second Edition
Version Nickname
English anniversary edition
Alternate Nickname
English second edition
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Year Released
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21.26 x 15.75 x 4.72 inches
Release Date
Mar 2017
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Pre-order Start Date
Jul 20, 2015
Pre-order End Date
Jul 22, 2015
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Description Edit | History

Anniversary Release of War of the Ring Second Edition

"The main improvement of Anniversary Release over the normal version of War of the Ring Second Edition is that all figures are hand-painted to a very good quality standard.
We will also include two beautiful hardcover volumes, in a slipcase, graced by full-color art by John Howe: the 2nd Edition Rulebook and the War of the Ring Companion, written by Kristofer Bengtsson.
Action Dice (16 dice) and Combat Dice (two sets with 5 dice each) will be produced in new colors, unique to this version.
On top of that, we will provide larger game boards (for a total playing area about 3' x 4') and improved reference sheets on special cardstock. Counters and cards will be the same as those included in War of the Ring 2nd Edition, to ensure full compatibility with the regular version of War of the Ring 2nd Edition and its expansions (Lords of Middle-earth regular and limited edition; the upcoming Warriors of Middle-earth).
Rulebook and cards will be updated to reflect the most current FAQ and Errata at the time of printing.
A numbered certificate of authenticity will be included with each copy." [3]

Limited Edition Expansions

Because the Anniversary Release (AR) followed the Collector's Edition of War of the Ring First Edition, an upgrade pack to Second Edition and the Limited Edition of the first expansion to the Second Edition called Lords of Middle-earth (LoMe:LE), customers interested in the AR had no chance of ordering the LoMe:LE afterwards. In the FAQ about the Anniversary Release Ares announced the idea of a big box featuring three expansions: "When the 'trilogy' of WOTR expansions is completed, we would like to manufacture one set including all three expansions, as a future 'companion' to the Anniversary Edition. However, we cannot promise this will happen, nor offer a firm release date. Changes in manufacturing costs, for example, could make the release of these sets impossible. So, we recommend you do not base your purchase on the expectation of a future release of painted expansion sets." [3]
A discussion and follow-up from Roberto di Meglio with the idea of combining the 3rd and 1st expansion limited editions can be found in the thread [5]: "I will tell you what I think is currently the best idea I have. Please understand this is just my personal opinion, and not Ares' official poisition on the matter. [...] I am posting the idea here because I am interested in your comments, but please understand this is in no way an 'announcement' as it regards something which is definitely too far in the future at this moment."

Anniversary Release Deluxe Set

The "Anniversary Release Deluxe Set" [6] is a smaller alternative to the full Anniversary Release. The Deluxe Set consists of some components from the Anniversary Release: the Gameboard, two books (Game Rules, Companion Guide) and two Reference and Gameplay Summary sheets. The shipping carton reads "WOTR011BB - War of the Ring - Anniversary Release - Deluxe Set - CARTON# ___/500".

Replacement Game Boards

Ares produced another 550 Game Boards to replace damaged ones after the original spare ones were all gone. These were shipped months after the Anniversary Release. The shipping carton reads "WOTR011 - War of the Ring Anniversary - Game Board - CARTON# ___ of 550".