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Battles for Empire 1870-1914
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Second edition
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11.00 x 8.50 x 0.35 inches
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Jun 14, 2013
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Released as a PDF book.
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BATTLES FOR EMPIRE II, 1870-1914 (BFE) captures the flavour of these so-called small wars while ensuring that both sides have an entertaining chance at victory. A combination of traditional game mechanics and newer approaches to wargaming allows players to experience the drama of large battles with elements of skirmish-level games. With careful scenario design, Isandlwana or Rorke’s Drift can be re-fought using this one rules system.

BFE can be applied to all colonial gaming representing campaigns fought up to 1914. While the Dervishes of the Sudan, the Zulus and Boers of southern Africa, and the Pathans of the North-West frontier of India will continue to be the most popular “Native” opponents, other Native forces and their various imperialist opponents are easily accommodated. BFE is one of the most comprehensive rule sets for colonial gaming. So, collect your armies and start playing battles, large and small, with BFE.

• Complete rules system for recreating the battles of the colonial conquest period using miniatures.
• 68 pages including charts/tables, and quick reference sheets specific to various colonial campaigns (ie Zulu War, 1879; Abyssinia War, 1895-1896, etc).
• Players command units of European regulars and trained colonial recruits, or fight against these invaders with armies like Dervishes, Zulus, Pathans, Boers, Rifs, etc.
• Rules are easily learned but tactically subtle.
• No mandatory basing scheme required.
• Complete rules system for recreating the battles of the colonial conquest period using miniatures.
• Integrated movement and morale system makes ambitious plans difficult to coordinate under fire.
• Quick play is facilitated by a concise turn sequence and efficient mechanics supplemented with specific rules to represent the fighting character of each army.
• The PDF rules book uses grayscale images with black text and line art diagrams for inexpensive, quick, friendly printing.

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