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English edition 2006
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9.75 x 9.75 x 2.75 inches
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-From the game box verso:

So you think you've got it all together? Play Therapy the Game and see.

In Therapy the Game, you get your own couch, your own therapy office, and a chance to test your knowledge of yourself, your friends, and the human race in general.

Move your couch through the 6 Stages of Life, answering questions drawn from more than 350 actual psychological studies (complete with references, to avoid those annoying "Where did they get that?" Arguments). For example:

What percentage of women say their car is "more reliable" than most men they know? a.25% b.50% c.75%

Then, drop in at someone's office as a Patient, or welcome another player as a Therapist, and see if you can match answers to the "simple" personal questions that reveal all.

"So tell me, on a rating scale from 1 to 10, how much pleasure do you take in the downfall of your enemies?"

For a change of pace, go through Group Therapy or guess what most people see in our Therapy "Thinkblots".

Be the first player to fill your couch with a scoring peg from each Stage of Life, and you win!


1 game board
360 stages of life cards
90 therapy cards
30 thinkblots cards
1 thinkblots booklet
6 therapy-couch movers
36 stages of life pegs
2 game dice
1 game instructions

The most fun you'll ever have on a couch!