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Nine Men's Morris
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Masters Traditional Games edition
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Nine Men's Morris, also known as Merrills, Mill and Merels, is an old English game that goes back to antiquity - evidence has been found for the game in Egypt. More recently, references in the works of Shakespeare have given it an image of the archetypal medieval board game.

Like most of the best games, Nine Mens Morris rules are simple, the objective being to capture opposing pieces by forming lines of 3. It is an under-rated game of skill that is easy to learn but sometimes requiring deep thought - a bit like grown-up tic-tac-toe (or noughts and crosses). It is an entertaining game for beginners and veterans alike and something for older children and adults to enjoy.

This is an authentic leather replica Nine Mens Morris game with hand-made wooden pieces. Nine Mens Morris was played by both the poor and the upper classes in medieval Europe and these boards enable you to enjoy a little piece of history while playing a great game.

Suitable for museums, schools, families - great for teaching logic skills for children, the board and pieces come in a convenient cardboard tube so take up very little space when not in use.

(Quoted from Masters Games website)