Board Game: Monopoly
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Waddington U.K. long red/white box, steam engine edition
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10.04 x 19.68 x 1.30 inches
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The idea of the game is to BUY and RENT or SELL properties so profitably that one becomes the wealthiest player and eventuel MONOPOLIST. Starting from "GO", move Tokens around the Board According to throw of Dice. When a Player's Token lands on a space NOT already owned, he may Buy it from the BANK: otherwise it is Auctionned off to the Highest Bidder. The OBJECT of Owning property is to Collect Rents from Opponents stopping there. Rentals are greatly increased by the erection of Houses and Hotels, so it is wise to to build them on some of your Building Sites. To raise more money Building Sites may be mortgaged to the bank. Community Chest and Chance spaces give the draw of a Card, instructions on which must be followed. Sometimes players land in Jail! The game is one of shrewd and amusing trading and excitement, often contributed to by the Banker-Auctionneer.

- a game board
- rules booklet x 2
- 2 dice
- 32 green houses
- 12 red hotels
- 16 chance cards
- 16 community chest cards
- 28 title deeds/mortgage cards
- money in various denominations: 9,000£ in total for 6 players, the rest of the money to the 7th player (a.k.a. the 'Bank')
- 6 tokens: red car, blue train, green tank, grey motorcycle, gold galleon, yellow tractor/plower engine.

source: publisher's blurb