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Daikaijyu Monogatari: The Miracle of the Zone
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Each player controls a roster of five summoners and battles to race up to 50 victory points.

In turns, players can summon monsters on their top, left and right positions and a Help card at the bottom of the summoner, if you can't summon or play a Help card, you must play a card face down. To summon a monster, the summoner need to have matching symbols on their card to summon the monster next to them. Each round ends when players placed four cards on their top, left, right and bottom of their summoner. Players can decide to play SP card as a card below the Help card, an SP card is placed faced down and revealed at the same time, if both players play the same SP card, there will be no effects on the board.

When a round ends, the board is checked to see if there is a "combo" or a side that has a higher monster power. The winner of the round receives points equal to the number of cards used on both sides, multiplied by a number according to the combo.

(From the Chinese edition's description)