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Bräde Backgammon
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Alga first edition
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16.54 x 11.02 x 1.18 inches
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ObjectID: 284514
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With Alga's Bräde Backgammon it is possible to play two very similar games in one box. The rules apply to bräde (a.k.a. brädspel) first and foremost; and just a few lines at the end of the rules explain backgammon; or rather the differences between bräde and backgammon.

Bräde is an old Swedish or Scandinavian game, derived from backgammon and introduced in the viking age. One noteable difference concerns the placement of tokens in the beginning of the game. In bräde they are all placed in the opponents left hand corner (called 'house' or 'home'). Another difference is that in bräde both player play anti-clockwise.

On the lid of the box is an old woodcut depicting a woman and a man playing bräde. It was taken from Olaus Magnus's (b. 1490 in Sweden, d. 1557 in Rome) great work Historia de gentibus septentrionalibus (A History (or Description) of the Nordic peoples), a collection of illustrated essays concerning human life in the Christian world. The game board has a pattern derived from an old brädspel in the collections of Nordiska Museet, Stockholm (part of it can be seen on the lid).


1 bräde (also backgammon) board,
30 round pieces (15 black, 15 white)
2 dice
Rules (printed in the box lid).