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Combination Tiddledy Winks
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Milton Bradley English edition
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9.25 x 12.50 x 1.75 inches
1.00 pounds
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(Inside lid - user summary) This game is from the 1800's, but no date is listed. 2 to 6 players may play.

CONTENTS: Game comes with small & large bone disks, wooden counter disks in 3 colors, a glass cup, 4 mats and a pussycat target.

PLAY: Players use the larger disks to make the smaller disks jump. The object is to see which player can first jump all his small disks into the cup. Play passes when all a players disks are in the cup. Mats may be used to play on if a thick cover for the table is not available.

A harder version is to have each player attempt to get each of his tiddledy winks in the cup. Play passes once he has tried each tiddledy wink. When a player gets all his disks in the cup, the other players award one wooden counter for each of their disks still on the table. White counter = 1 point, Blue counter = 3 points and Red counter = 5 points. The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game.

PUSSYCAT TARGET GAME: Pussycat Target is set up on edge and players try to jump their disks into the mouth holes. Each time he gets a disk through a mouth hole he is awarded a counter equal to the value of the hole. If the disk rolls back out the bottom hole, he is awarded a counter for that as well. Each player jumps all his disks on one turn. The game ends when all counters have been given out. The one with the most counters wins. (Depending on how many players there are, some counters may be set aside to make the game shorter.)