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Atlantic Playing Card Company edition 1949
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2-deck card box (e.g. Coloretto)
1.00 pounds
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Duel: Bridge for Two

Game is split into the "Duel" half where tricks are taken, and "Kill" half. Player drawing the last duel card (trump card) is the Offender, the other is the Defender. For each odd trick (over the first six tricks), one scores 20 points as Offender and 10 points as Defender. Trick scores are kept below the line and a game consists of 100 points below the line as in Bridge.

In addition to the standard Bridge deck, there are also a Pistol and a Foil card in each deck. For holding the Pistol in the Kill, a player earns an above line premium of 10 points. For holding the Foil in the Kill, the holder deducts 10 points from his previous below line score, if any. Otherwise the opponent earns a 10 point premium. For holding BOTH the Pistol & the Foil, a player earns a 50 point premium. (There are also optional penalties in the instructions).