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Winning Solutions English Classic Collector's edition
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W 526 23995
10.68 x 8.38 x 2.50 inches
2.20 pounds
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From back of slip cover - In 1944, a retired clerk in England, named Anthony Pratt, invented a game called "Murder." Mr. Pratt brought the concept to Waddington's Games in Leeds, England, who began producing it in 1949.

Parker Brothers bought the U.S. rights to the game in 1949 and sold it under the name CLUE. Since that time, millions of people have endeavored to solve the age old question: "Was it Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with the candlestick?"

This luxurious bookshelf edition was inspired by the vintage graphics of the 1949 game. Elegant storage combined with premium game components create a classic to be enjoyed by crime solvers for years to come.

CONTENTS: Fabric-wrapped book with integrated storage, vintage gameboard, wood movers with die cast bases, dis cast weapons with real rope, 6 pencils, vintage cards, envelope and pad of Detective Notes, die, and instructions.