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Malifaux: Burning Revelations – Kaeris Box Set
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Anasalea Kaeris is a study in contrasts. Earthside, she was a business troubleshooter, a lone wolf for hire by any number of organizations. She was controlled and studied in her dealings, known for her patience and neutrality. Coming to Malifaux, she has embraced a different road. In Malifaux, she is solely devoted to Viktor Ramos and the Arcanists, having finally picked a side. She has also sought after a new kind of power - that of magic.

When Kaeris first passed through the Breach, she became fascinated with the ease at which people used magic. Unlike the tight restrictions and limited power from Earth, Malifaux was nearly unlimited in its potential. As a condition to working for Ramos she chose him as her sole teacher in arcane knowledge. He agreed, but it was quickly apparent that no matter how she studied, she lacked the raw power needed to control her abilities. Ramos designed a Soulstone harness as a solution to this, but still she struggled.

While practicing in the forges one day, Kaeris made a breakthrough. While all magic in Malifaux draws from the aether, there are many methods to using it. Ramos' power is one that is structured and ordered like the constructs he works on. Her power, however, was not something to control. One does not seek to stop and order a wildfire, after all, but redirect the flames by embracing their existence. She let go of any attempt to control and let the aether flow through her as a river. Fire burst from her hands with little effort as she finally understood the paradox.

Control is an illusion.

Models are made of plastic.

32mm 'heroic' scale.


1 Kaeris
1 Firestarter
1 Eternal Flame
3 Fire Gamins
6 Stat Cards

5 Upgrade Cards

- Powered by Flame
- Blinding Flame
- Born of Fire
- Purifying Fire
- Grab and Drop