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Malifaux: Hide and Seek – Dreamer Box Set
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M2E Edition
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Mar 3, 2015
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Nytmare has twisted human’s dreams since the fall of Old Malifaux, feeding on the terror he causes. In that time, there is one child who has resisted his efforts.

The Dreamer simply reshaped his dreams back again, never once fearing the lurking Tyrant. When Nytmare tried to leave the boy’s dream to feed on easier prey, he was surprised to see the child follow him. In the darkness of Malifaux, the boy demanded his new playmate ‘Lord Chompy Bits’ play hide and seek. He seemed unaware that his mind was no longer inside his own dreams, but bending the very fabric of Malifaux itself as he summoned unnatural friends to join them.

The power this offered Nytmare over reality, Malifaux, and the slowly waking Tyrants, was tremendous; if he could only determine how it worked. Unwilling to risk anyone else finding or harming the boy, he has since indulged in every demand for a new game, watching gently over his charge until he can understand how a mere boy could wield such power so casually.

The Dreamer’s box comes with nine models, including the Dreamer himself. The almighty Lord Chompy Bits is the most impressive member of the crew, and when the Dreamer invariably wakes up and disappears from the board, it’s Lord Chompy Bits that takes over the crew until the Dreamer’s return. Coppelius provides the two of them with a supremely fast skirmisher, while the weaker Alps prefer to drain the energy and vitality out of nearby enemies. Through it all, the Daydream totems cartwheel and float, pushing the rest of the crew further into trouble.

Set Contains:


The Dreamer
Lord Chompy Bits
3 Daydreams
3 Alps

Stat Cards

The Dreamer
Lord Chompy Bits
3 Daydreams
3 Alps

Upgrade Cards

Restless dreams
Dreams of Pain
On Dreaming Wings