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Board Game: DungeonQuest
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Alga Swedish edition
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11.02 x 16.54 x 1.18 inches
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ObjectID: 29847
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Description Edit | History

The original version of this game; with art by Anders Jeppson.

Tiles are 45x45 mm big and printed on thin cardboard. The cards are printed on similar cardstock and came unpunched, and with no rounded corners. The cardstock, while being thin for the room tiles, was thick for cards and made them non-bendable and easily damaged.

The art by Anders Jeppson stands out in the aspect that very little art is reused – room tiles with the exact same function had several art variations, with only a few tiles being duplicates; the same for the card decks, where "empty" was represented by three different artworks on the room cards, and another two on the Search cards. Monsters had two variations each (excluding the sneak attacks). The 32 treasure cards are all unique, despite the majority of them being just "coins". Also, the treasure card deck had art right out in the margin of the cards. The potion card, however, is the same throughout all decks.

The game was sold in for its time large quantities and is still (in writing dec 2010) very possible to find on Swedish internet auction sites for about the same price as it once cost – varying from $20 to $50, all depending on quality and whether or not bundled with the expansion. The special round sticker "I survived Dragon's Keep" will elevate the second hand price immensely.