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The Best of GDW's Harpoon Sitrep
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GDW’s Harpoon SITREP was published quarterly between January 1989 to January 1994. Each issue provided a mix of scenarios, articles on naval warfare and technology, and statistics on weapons systems. All this was designed to support the very active Harpoon miniatures gaming community, and was supported by them. Most of the bylines in each issue were of players who wanted to share a new idea, or their expertise, about a part of the game.

The issues are long out of print, but demand for back issues has been steady, and photocopies of the old issues are steady sellers.

After four editions of Harpoon and twelve years, a lot of the articles are dated, but there is still a lot of good information - general pieces on naval warfare, book reviews, and scenarios. This book gathers together the best of those issues between two covers.

While a few of the articles have been updated, most are untouched. We’ve limited changes to replacing or improving graphics, using current statistics, and removing any inconsistencies with current rules. These are peripheral issues and in no case was the content of the article changed.

Articles include
• A Naval Perspective on Nuclear Weapons Effects
• Attacking Offshore Oil Platforms
• Radar Countermeasures for the Wargamer
• Standing Orders
• Hard Times for the Royal Navy
• Aegis and US Missile Systems
• The Dawn of Missile Warfare
• Tomahawk Loadouts for US Ships
• Soviet Aircraft Tactics
• Submarine Propulsors
• The Other Navy (The U.S. Coast Guard)
• U.S. Navy Composite Warfare Doctrine
• The Tactical Air-Launched Decoy
• Royal Navy Traditional Toasts
• Clearing Storm - Changes in the Soviet Navy
• Russian Revelations
• Keep Your Eyes on the Dragon (The Chinese PLAN)
• Submarine Communications
• Logistics & Ship Fuel Capacities

Scenarios include:
• Mediterranean Melee
• Halifax Convoy
• Red War
• Fast Convoy
• The Last Exocet

The book also compiles the Kitbash Corner series on onverting naval miniatures, and over a dozen book reviews.

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