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Goro-Goro Shogi
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Nekomado edition
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10.63 x 8.27 x 0.98 inches
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From Nekomado

A small shogi variant developed by Japan Shogi Association.
Golds, silvers, and pawns are used in a 5x6 board. Promotion zone is the farthest two ranks. Illegal moves such as two-pawns (nifu) are the same as in normal shogi.
This game can be played in shorter time than the normal shogi, and many basic and important concepts of shogi can be learnt effectively, such as capturing and dropping a piece and making promotion. In the endgame, the player can experience the usage of golds and silvers in actual mating sequences.

From Wikipedia

Goro goro shogi is a 5x6 variant of shogi, or Japanese chess. The rules are identical to those of standard shogi, except that it is played with a reduced number of pieces on a 5x6 board, and each player's promotion zone consists of the two farthest ranks from the player. There are also no long-range pieces such as rooks and bishops.

There is a variant where each player has a knight and a lance in hand at start.

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