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English first edition
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7.56 x 6.18 x 1.50 inches
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Oct 2016
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Since the beginning of time, there have been two opposing forces that are the pillars of the universe and coexist in eternal balance.

Our Goddess in his infinite wisdom has sent a group of Overseers to protect our world. They have the power of bending human traits at their will and will always battle between each other to create the perfect symmetry between virtues and vices of humankind.

It will be your choice to find the best balance, or completely crush it for your own good.

Overseers is a drafting and bluffing game with a twist. Each player represent an Overseer, whose objective is to bend traits at their favour to create the most dominant combination of virtues and vices.

The Game has 3 main phases:
1] The Drafting phase: each player receives 6 cards at random from the deck, selects one of them and pass the rest to the plater sitting on his/her left. The goal is to build up the combination that will grant him/her the most victory points. Some cards will grant points by themselves and some will require the same type of cards to earn more points.
2] The Judgement phase: all players will have to place their 5 trait cards in front of them in two rows, two face-down, and three face-up showing the cards they chose. Considering the information available, Overseers will have to discuss who is the player with the strongest possible combination. After deliberating, players will have to vote using their token.
The voted player will have to Admit or Deny the verdict.
- If admits having the strongest combination he will have to discard 2 cards from his combination.
- If denies, the showdown phase happens, all players show their scores and if the voted player haves the strongest combination he will lose the 2 cards that grant him the most points. If he isn’t, instead he will be able to get one additional card of his choice from the discard pile.
3] Showdown/Scoring Phase: every player shows all the cards in front of them, score is calculated.
The game will have other phases depending on the type of overseers playing, since each character have special abilities that can change the outcome of the game in many ways, like being able to peek other player hidden cards, steal a card before the scoring phase or transform one card into another.
At the end of each round, players will hide the victory points tokens to keep the final score secret.

After 3 rounds, the player with the most victory points is declared the winner.

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